Dungeon Hunter 5 Hack

dungeon hunter 5 hackIn Dungeon Hunter Alliance on PS3 the land has befallen into chaos since your death.  Your death ‚ yes before the game even starts you’re already a sluggish piece of rotting flesh in a tomb deep within the catacombs.  You were the king of the lands known as Gothicus, and you wake amid a fairy telling you that your lands are no longer safe, and it is your job to set things right.
An ARPG/Hack and Slash game created by Gameloft, it derives from what many will refer as a ‚Diablo clone’. However, I prefer to call it what it truly is a ‚Champions of Norrath clone’ or ‚Baldur’s Gate clone’. Diablo was infamous on PC ‚ not consoles. The console king of this genre ‚ this being of a small selection of games ‚ is Champions or Baldur’s .But to be fair, Diablo did make an appearance on PS1 however that was in a time long ago ‚ in a galaxy far far away.  And Baldur’s was on PC, but equally garnished and praised on PC it was also on Consoles as well (how often do you hear people talking about Diablo on PS1?).

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What Dungeon Hunter Alliance clones it clones right. With addicting gameplay that stands strong all throughout, immersive and alluring with its deep loot system and character customization, nothing in Dungeon Hunter does injustice with its cloning formula.  And even better, Dungeon Hunter Alliance goes above and beyond its idol’s with its multiplayer feature of 4 player co-op. While Baldur’s Gate only had 2, and Champions had 4 players at once, both games never allowed the option of having 2 players on one console while being connected to other people online as well. Even the newly released console version Sacred 2 couldn’t accomplish that feat.
While the graphics aren’t anything to ravel about ‚ if Champions of Norrath had a HD remake this is what it would look like ‚ It gets the job done.  Each spell casted, each environment visited is simply designed and nothing within this game will jaw drop your mouth in awe. But then again you’ll be having so much fun destroying enemies and leveling up that graphics won’t matter anyway.

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There are 3 character classes: the warrior, the mage, and the rogue.  Every one of them has their own unique skillset and leveling premise. The warrior must rely on strength, the mage on energy, and the rogue on dexterity. While each class should also focus a little on endurance since during those intense boss fights, two hits is all it takes to send you back to your grave. Yes in this game, the boss fights are challenging compared to its genre competitors.
The game does come with some annoying glitches I will warn about. While nothing is as severe as say Sacred 2 ‚ it does create some problems. Firstly, the sound cuts in and out sometimes. While there isn’t any bugs that will hinder your ability to communicate to comrades, the sound of enemies dying and grunting will be dampened so much its almost impossible any human can hear them ‚ if you’re a vampire or alien then maybe it will actually benefit you? Thankfully though the sound in this game isn’t all that great, but still a bug free game is always best. Another bug I encountered is that if you invite a friend to your game they might not be able to join. This bug is the worst unfortunately, being that the fun in this game is with friends. A work around for this bug has been found and I used it myself, a quick Google search should help you if you run into this bug.

dungeon hunter 5 hack


I can’t stress enough the fun factor that resides with Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Co-op is at its finest here, and with 3 character classes, a level limit of up to 75 and a new game plus, the possibilities are endless ‚ well almost. The game arrived in Europe on the 6th of April and will be landing its way to the US PlayStation Store Aril 12th 2011. If Detroiter’s out there are looking for some Hack and Slash love, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance will give you all the love one person needs.
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